A Part of Their Story

Lance helps our kids craft a table to be auctioned at this year's Boots 'n Bids for Kids event.

A child at Coyote Hill is given many intentional experiences and opportunities that they might never have received otherwise. There are the fundamental things such as a safe and loving home environment with a loving mother and father, and emotional, physical and spiritual support. Along with that, we also do our best to prepare our children for life after The Hill, by teaching Life Skills.

One of our staff that helps to facilitate our Life Skill training is Lance Rainwater, our Vocational Skills Director and Property Manager. You can find kids tagging along with Lance wherever he goes and whatever he does on the property. In any given day he may be helping a child learn how to repair a fence or create a craft.

This summer, while the children were out of school, Lance’s position expanded to include supervising three employees who are youth at Coyote Hill. These teens weren’t just handed the jobs; they were required to go through the entire interview and application process, just as they would be expected to do when trying to get any type of employment. Thus, they received instruction in the whole job application process – not to mention the valuable training they received from Lance throughout the summer.

Lance shared one insight that he’s realized after working with his three employees, “It’s fun to see all the little ways kids are influenced by you. For example, I always carry a pocket knife wherever I go. For a basic, all-around, go anywhere, be prepared tool – I just like to carry a pocket knife. As the summer progressed, I couldn’t help noticing that the two boys working for me started carrying pocket knives.”

Lance concludes, “Every time I see their pocket knives, it’s a little reminder to me that I am changing and influencing these kids. I am now a part of their story and I need to make sure I’m a positive part. A good part, a positive part, a mentoring part of their stories…and that’s my whole reason for being here.”

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