A Marathon Weekend for Volunteers!

bonfireNovember 7th and 8th could not have been a more beautiful weekend for almost 70 volunteers from three different churches to show up at Coyote Hill!  Groups from Columbia’s Woodcrest Chapel, The Rock (an MU campus church), and Parkade Baptist Church all showed up at various times to, as one volunteer stated, “Do some work and love on the kids.”

They certainly did that and some more, with mountains of leaves raked, a basement painted, kitchen cabinets cleaned, games played and boxes of apples pressed into fresh cider…not to mention hayrides and a wiener roast!

It all started on Saturday, when over 30 people from Woodcrest Chapel came out to focus on working at Cathy’s Home.  Maris, their leader, has brought a different leadership development group out to the Hill each semester for several years now.   Sometimes they come do exciting things like helping girls get ready for prom.  Other times they do menial tasks such as clearing out and cleaning kitchen cabinets.  Her goal is to show each new group the differing opportunities to serve outside the walls of their church.  No matter the project, Maris stated that out of the six community service projects they do each semester, coming to help at Coyote Hill is always the highlight for the group.

On Sunday, around a dozen MU students from The Rock came out to play with the children.  On this, their third time out to help at The Hill, the mixture of beautiful weather, ambitious college students and energetic children resulted in lots of football and basketball being played!

Also on Sunday, about 25 youth and leaders from Parkade Baptist Church showed up to join in the fun.  Richard, a leader with the youth, stated that their group attempts to do service projects most Sunday afternoons.  For a year now, they’ve been coming to Coyote Hill once a month on Sundays, to prepare a meal and play with the children.  Without knowing of Maris’s statement the day before, Richard also declared, “Coming out to Coyote Hill is the highlight of our month.”

We certainly appreciate having groups come out to work and play at The Hill, so it’s nice to know that they enjoy it as much as we do!  If your group is interested in finding out how you can volunteer, contact Kari Salmon at kari@coyotehill.org.

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