Special Olympics Builds Confidence

Toby got involved with Special Olympics through school. He had a friend from some of his classes that told him about playing basketball through Special Olympics and suggested that he try it. Toby talked to his teacher, got signed up, and in November of 2018 he started playing basketball.    

teen boy plays half-time at Mizzou Arena | coyotehill.org

Toby loves sports, but was fearful to try through the school. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be good enough and might end up just sitting on the bench. Playing through Special Olympics has allowed him to try new sports and grow in his fundamental skills of those sports. It has also given him the opportunity to play and really have fun and enjoy the sport, without too much pressure regarding winning or losing. He has been able to compete with other athletes at his skill-level. It has increased his confidence in his abilities and has boosted his self-esteem. He has also learned a lot about teamwork and camaraderie, while making a lot of new friends.   

teen boy plays half-time at Mizzou Arena | coyotehill.org

Toby’s teams have made it to State Special Olympic events in both basketball and softball. He had a lot of the same teammates in both sports, so it’s fun to see friendships continue and grow.  He was even invited to a teammate’s 16th birthday this summer. He got to play at Mizzou Arena during the halftime of a men’s basketball game! He is definitely planning to play basketball again this season.   

Toby concludes, “I wanted to play because a friend asked me to. I like sports and it’s been fun. It’s helping me be more confident and I enjoy making new friends.”

Toby’s identity is disguised for confidentiality. Coyote Hill works with children who are overcoming vulnerable circumstances. We honor their story with anonymity yet tell their stories so you may know the life-changing impact your support is having for the many Tobys who call Coyote Hill home.