The Ministry of Garden Boxes

Some of our supporters give of their resources and finances. Others give of their time and talents. Either way, we want you to know that each and every one of your gifts, in all their various forms, truly do minister to our children.

Jake Canote, a volunteer and organizer of the annual #ForColumbia event, shared this story with his church prior to #ForColumbia 2019. You may never know how your efforts impact the life of a child, but Jake was blessed to find out…

#ForColumbia Jake and Tracy Canote | coyotehill.orgWe were beyond blessed to serve at Coyote Hill during #ForColumbia 2018. We had many projects, but the one I remember most was the raised garden beds. I remember it not because we created a new place for vegetables to grow and provide food to a needing home, but because it was a very challenging, all-day job. 
creating a garden box |
A group of 12-14 volunteers worked relentlessly, driving posts into the ground, walking up and down a steep hill for lumber, sweating and straining to build six raised beds. As with many hard jobs, there was some complaining, some labored breathing and many, many water breaks. We ended our day exhausted, but high-fiving each other and ready for rest. We felt completely blessed to have experienced the moment, not knowing that we would also be blessed to later learn about how our hard work paid off in ways we never expected. 
It was nearly a year later when I met a Home Parent Mom who told me the heart warming follow-up. She said, “My house was the very house that received the raised garden beds you all built last year. Yes, it did give us many vegetables. We even had extra to share with the other families. However, the memorable part didn’t involve the produce as much as what it produced for an emotionally challenged young boy in our home. He had his good days, but many tough ones, also. On those tough days, he would often look outside and ask, ‘Can I just go pick carrots?’ Another day, ‘Can I go out and pick tomatoes?’ Another difficult day, ‘Can I go to the garden?’ It became a way and a place for him to re-group.”
What a blessing!! He found God and peace at those raised beds that we were so blessed to build. I wept at the thought of that sweet child, figuring out how to sort the troubles of his life in his own way. God knew in advance that those garden boxes would be worth so much more than simply producing fresh vegetables!
child plants tomato in garden bed |
To view photos of a sampling of the #ForColumbia2019 volunteer projects that occurred at Coyote Hill, visit our Facebook page.