An Egg-citing Easter

“When I saw the first child with their sack full of eggs, I thought, ‘Well, he found most of them and now there won’t be much left for the other children.’ But as I kept seeing other kids running around, I noticed all of them had their sack full of eggs. There must be TONS of eggs hidden out here today!”

Boy searching for easter eggs | coyotehill.orgThat statement was made by Home Parent Dad in the Atherton Home, Aaron Vassar, during an Easter egg hunt on Friday evening. The event was hosted at Coyote Hill by Joe and Susan Gaboury and their company, SimpleConsign, powered by TraxiaTeam Traxia |

The Gabourys have been long-time supporters of Coyote Hill. Last year, they hosted an Easter egg hunt at their home south of Harrisburg, complete with lots of outdoor fun, a bonfire, etc. Susan Gaboury shares, “One of my favorite memories last year happened at the end of the evening. We surprised each child with personalized Easter baskets, and their reactions were precious. They just couldn’t believe that someone would do that for them.”

This year, the Gabourys wanted to host the event at Coyote Hill and involve their employees in the process, so they could see the work we do first-hand. Joe adds, “We try to encourage a generous culture in our company, to let our team members know that a donation isn’t the same as actual participation. We want to make a difference in the community.”

In the days leading up to the event, the Traxia team spent hours filling hundreds of plastic eggs with candy. Friday found several of them hiding all those eggs on our property. No one knows “eggs”actly how many they hid, but it was definitely over 1,000. We may be finding eggs for years to come!Joe Gaboury grill master |

Our Equine Program Manager, Rebecca Buchholz, has thought of the Gaboury’s as family ever since she moved to Missouri. Rebecca says, “Watching them include my Coyote Hill family in their traditional Easter egg hunt has been amazing! It’s obvious that they tailor it to us, so it’s truly a nice experience for everyone.”
girl with easter bucket stash |

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Lydia Kohl, loved working with Joe and Susan for the event. “The Gaboury’s were incredibly organized and blessed our kids. Even when we had four new children join us shortly before the egg hunt, Susan insisted that she get egg baskets for them, too. She wanted EVERY single child present to have a basket. Her heart for the kids was great to see, and the work they all did preparing the egg hunt was awesome!”

In conclusion, Traxia employee Deb McGonagle states, “Joe and Susan have an immense love for children. As the Marketing Coordinator here at Traxia, I recommended that we do something for the community. Traxia is an incredibly family-oriented business. We support one another in joy and loss, so it just made sense to concentrate on a ministry that builds families. In addition to the Easter egg hunt,  Team Traxia treated everyone to hot dogs and hamburgers. Our Founder, Joe, was the master griller. It was wonderful to be a blessing to such an amazing ministry. We had so much fun. Team Traxia was honored to be a part of Coyote Hill’s Easter celebration.”