Pancake Breakfast, Then and Now

Our Executive Director and Founder, Larry McDaniel, reflects: 

I remember the very first meeting with Memorial Baptist folks, as we planned that first pancake breakfast 22 years ago. We were all excited as we thought about creating an event that would support Coyote Hill while utilizing resources and volunteers from their church. 

Memorial Baptist Church hosts Pancake Breakfast for 22 years and counting |

Leigh Erion, Arlene Higgins and Angel Stewart

 Some things have changed through the years, and it seems like we learn something new every time we have the event, but there are also some things that haven’t changed, and for good reason.  

Little Miss CoMo likes pancakes |

Larry’s new friend: Little Miss CoMo, Raegan Clasby

 For example, every year we all look forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Speaking for myself, I so enjoy spending the morning visiting with people and catching up, and they enjoy hearing about the progress at Coyote Hill. Another thing that hasn’t changed about the event is our commitment to providing wonderful recreational activities for the children and youth at Coyote Hill. The money raised at the Pancake Breakfast goes to provide all kinds of recreational opportunities for our kids, and that really means a lot to all of us that they can have such awesome experiences. 

Finally, the volunteers from Memorial Baptist stay as committed as ever, and we are very thankful for that. Although the actual individuals have changed over the last 22 years, their dedication and commitment to the cause have not, and it means a lot to us.   

Memorial Baptist Church hosts Pancake Breakfast for 22 years and counting |

Lydia Kohl and Joan Wood welcome folks

I would like to point out that there is at least one exception to my statement that the actual individuals have changed. Joan Woods. This dear lady has been there for all of them, sitting at the door greeting people as they come in with her beautiful smile and pleasant nature. It’s worth the price of the tickets just to come and be greeted by her smiling face at the door. 

Memorial Baptist Church hosts Pancake Breakfast for 22 years and counting |

Rob and Susan Dawson

Joan’s daughter, Susan Dawson, has been a major organizer and kitchen manager for the event for many of those 22 years.

Our new Volunteer Coordinator, Lydia Kohl, says, “It was so much fun meeting and working with Susan and Joan this year. Susan was so organized within the kitchen, and Joan greeted everyone with a sincerity and smile that reflected her faithful relationship with the Lord.


“Of course, I also want to say that ALL of our volunteers went above and beyond in helping us! We couldn’t do this event without them.”

Memorial Baptist Church hosts Pancake Breakfast for 22 years and counting |

Thus, thanks to those volunteers and the support of all who attended (over 750 this year!) each of our homes will have $1,700 this summer to spend on recreation! When one of our homes arrived to eat breakfast, one young lad noticed this year’s table decorations, which included random photos of our children enjoying many past recreational activities. One of our staff made sure the boy noticed a photo of himself at camp from two years ago. The boy exclaimed, “You mean that’s what this breakfast is for? So we can go to camp?!” 

Camp…and so much more! Thank you all so much for providing fantastic summer memories for our children.