Challenges of Obtaining a Driver’s License

“Transportation is one of the largest barriers foster youth face in their transition to adulthood. It impacts every aspect of well-being, and has been an impediment to meeting their education and employment goals.” – Foster Youth and Driving Act, H.R 2512

In this first of a two part series, we want to share with you about the challenges our teenagers overcome to obtain their learner’s permit and eventually their driver’s license. This rite of passage into adulthood is difficult for any parent of a teenager, but working with foster children presents another realm of challenges.

Take, for instance, two teen boys that are currently living with us, Caden and Lucas*. Their Home Parents explain:

“We have been helping both of them study; however Lucas has some reading disabilities.  We have been reading the material from the book to him, so he can take the practice tests.

“A challenge for our kids, once they jump the hurdle of passing the test and receiving a permit, is the fact that they don’t have a car to practice driving.  Insurance becomes the hindrance, as it is a liability for them to drive either a Coyote Hill vehicle or a staff member’s personal vehicle.  So, they only get practice driving if they can save up and buy their own car, or if they have someone either inside or outside of Coyote Hill who is willing to assume the insurance risk.  first car |

“Another challenge they face after purchasing a car is getting it insured.  Unfortunately for young drivers in their situations, the cost of insurance can be astronomical and hard for them to maintain”.

For more information regarding helping foster teens overcome these challenges, the “Going Places” website contains many resources and insight. 

Read Part 2 of this story, as we explain how we are changing the odds and helping our youth obtain driver’s licenses.

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*names changed for sake of confidentiality