Parties Well Done

“We often remind our kids that there are SO many people who love them and show that love by supporting Coyote Hill. At Christmastime, they get to see it in action!” Smiling elf girl |

That statement was made by one of our Home Parent Dads, Brian Wallace, at the beginning of December. Our weekends have been filled with parties and activities…and it’s been lovely. As most of the activities were coming to an end, Home Parent Mom Merri Heberlein stated, “Everyone who has hosted us has done it very well.” 

Here were a few comments from our kids immediately following one of the parties in Columbia: 

  • They were loving. 
  • They were more than kind! 
  • I don’t think I need anything else for awhile. 
  • This is the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten! 

Child hugs teddy bear | coyotehill.orgIt’s a joy for our staff to watch others love our children well. At one dinner, the hosts made a point to mingle amongst and sit with the children so they could visit with them and get to know them. At another party, the adults let our kids teach them how to do the “floss” and “shoot.” (If you don’t know what we’re talking about…you may need our children to give you a dance lesson!)  Sunrise Optimists bust some moves |

Then there are the HOURS of time that our hosts spend making or providing gifts and food, creating fun activities and doing their best to provide fantastic Christmas memories for children who may have never experienced Christmas before coming to Coyote Hill. Whether they realize it or not, hosts also provide encouragement for our staff. Volunteer Coordinator Taylor Largent explained, “They often make a point to say how impressed they are with the kids, by their great behavior and politeness and how well they interact with each other.” 

Our many, many thanks to those who have hosted the wonderful Christmas activities this month: 

  • Woodlandville United Methodist Church 
  • Woodworkers’ Club 
  • First Presbyterian Church Deacons 
  • Burnam Family, along with King’s Daughters Linda Atkins Silver Circle 
  • Sunrise Optimist Clubcotton ball game |