Open House 2018 – Building a LEGOcy

Our Open House event, sponsored by Boone County Lumber Company on September 9, was a lovely afternoon spent with our Coyote Hill family of supporters!

We love this event so much, as it allows our staff and children to put a face with the people who make possible everything we do. It also provides an opportunity for former residents to come hang out with us for an afternoon, which warms our hearts.

former home parents with grown foster son | coyotehill.orgformer home parents with grown foster child |

The theme of this year’s Open House became “Building a LEGOcy” as the fun decorations, giveaways, and games revolved around LEGO®s. The kids also enjoyed a visit from LEGO® man.

LEGO man at Coyote Hill Open House |

Smokin’ Chicks BBQ and Kona Ice were a hit, as always. Thanks to sponsorships, we were able to treat our guests for free. One of our older teenagers, who has a job, decided it was worth the money to splurge and buy a large Kona Ice Cup (only regular size cups were free.) He didn’t stop there, however. Before the afternoon was over he had generously purchased large cups for a few other kids as well.

Kona Ice Como at Open House |

Open House brings out the best in many of us. One Home Parent Dad shared how his kids were more willing to pitch in and help in the days leading up to the event when they realized the people who help provide for their care at Coyote Hill were coming to visit.

friends visiting open house |

Home Parent Dad Brian Wallace also shared, “One of the guys who was helping with the tear down of tents, etc. afterwards was in tears at one point. He had overheard one of our young girls asking over and over again about her case worker visit. The man told me that no child should have to deal with issues like that. He proceeded to go to his boss to tell him that he was taking a break for a bit so he could play with the kids on the playground.”

girl on playground |

Besides bringing out the best in our kids and visitors, Open House is a full afternoon of tours, visiting with old and new friends, horse rides, hay rides and fun activities like bounce houses and face painting. This year’s event also included a time to honor our Legacy Donors; supporters who have given to Coyote Hill consistently for 20 or more years.

man receiving legacy donor award |

Development Director Kelly Myers concludes, “Everyday we are aware of the important role the community plays in helping us provide a safe place to be a child. I love Open House because it is a day to celebrate with so many of the people that make ministry at Coyote Hill possible.”

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