Firsts at a Chiefs Game

Each fall, Commercial Trust Company of Fayette and Harrisburg donates tickets for some of our Coyote Hill kids to attend Kansas City Chiefs games. In addition, they provide spending money for the kids to enjoy fun stadium food and to purchase Chief’s gear.

KC Chiefs hot dog extreme | coyotehill.orgHome Parent Dads Andrew Heberlein and Josh McCaskey recently took two of our teen boys, Gabe and Jared*, to watch the Chiefs play the Green Bay Packers. Andrew says it was an awesome “first” experience for both boys! While there, Andrew & Josh had a chance to share with the boys what it looks like to stand up for one another in a respectful way, when one of the Packer’s fans started being rude to our kids.

Although both boys were handling it very well, Dad Josh took it upon himself to politely ask the fan to stop the cussing and harassing. The Packer’s fan soon realized he’d gone too far, so he apologized and bought the boys big beef sandwiches and nachos.

Josh also has a connection with former Mizzou Football player and current Chief’s Center, Mitch Morris. Josh asked Mitch ahead of time if he would mind meeting and chatting with Gabe and Jared a bit before the game. Andrew, Josh and the boys arrived early so they could meet Mitch, but there was a very large, yelling crowd near the Chief’s bench, trying to get players’ attention and autographs. However, when Mitch saw Josh, he came over and talked with Gabe, Jared and the dads. Despite the crowds of screaming fans, Mitch continued to visit with the boys and autographed their Chief’s caps.

It was an amazing night for both the dads and the boys. Josh concludes, “It was the first NFL game the boys had attended, and it was my first Chiefs game. It was a blast!”

*names changed for sake of confidentiality