National Adoption Month – Teenagers Find A Forever Home

November is National Adoption Month, to increase national awareness and bring attention to the need for permanent families for children and youth in the foster care system. For the 2017 National Adoption Month initiative, the theme “Teens Need Families, No Matter What,” highlights the importance of finding well-prepared and committed families for the thousands of teenagers in foster care.

One such family, Tim and Kristi Hughes, were Home Parents of The Hubbell Home at Coyote Hill for a little over two years. While here, they felt God calling them to adopt teenage twins, Michael and Malik, who were placed in their home. Here’s their story.

What was it like to feel God tugging on your hearts to adopt?

Tim: When Michael and Malik were placed in our home, we already had four biological children. But we knew God wanted us to do something special. Our pastor was preaching about extravagant faith one Sunday, and we felt strongly that God was calling us to live that by enlarging our family. We started looking into what it would take to get Michael and Malik into our family. It took several months because in the midst of that we moved out of state so I could become the pastor of student ministries at a church in Michigan.

Michael & Malik: When they first told us, we thought they were kidding. But then we were excited!  

How was the process – did Coyote Hill help prepare you for making this choice?

Kristi: We were always planning on doing something like this. Coyote Hill set us up, giving us the opportunity to build the relationships, giving us the avenue to build a bond with the kids. They also taught us how to help them with issues while also helping them become successful in the future.

Would you recommend adoption through foster care?

Kristi: If we had stayed in Missouri it would have been easier. Yet it was all well worth it and God opened doors left and right for us – it was amazing to see how it all came together. God has just shown us through every step of the way that He’s with us and that this is exactly what He wanted for our family.

Tim: Adoption is one of those things that people are scared of, but for me, it’s exactly what God did for us when He sent His Son to die. He adopted us into His family, so why shouldn’t we do that for others?

How should someone pursue foster care/adoption?

Kristi – If you have a heart for kids and know anything about the need for foster parents, DO IT. God opened our eyes when we came to Coyote Hill – we had no idea of the need. If you have a love for kids and space in your home – go get licensed to be a foster home and see where God takes you from there. You may have several foster children come and go, but He may show you the one, or a sibling group, that He especially meant to be a part of your family.


If you feel called to adoption or foster care, visit the Missouri Heart Gallery to find out how you can give children a forever home.