Freezer Meal Magic

“It is like magic and I love it!”
That statement, made by Home Parent Mom in The Hubbell Home, Violeta Douce, could easily be the reaction of any mom who’s only work in serving a home cooked meal on a busy day involved opening her freezer and oven doors! 

Each year during #ForColumbia, we’re blessed by volunteers who prepare dozens of freezer meals for all of our homes. This year, those freezer meal recipes were especially delicious, as they were all tried and true and directly from The Thriving Home’s blog and new cookbook From Freezer to Table.
Violeta continues, “I have to say, getting those freezer meals is one of my favorite parts of the year. I really wish we got them more often – I love them so much!! Some days we are so exhausted and out of ideas on what to cook. So it is awesome when we can just go to the deep freeze and use a delicious home cooked meal that will feed everybody and takes almost no effort for us to make. 
“My sister-in-law recently had a baby and I used some of the same recipes that were given to us to make her family some freezer meals. I know how blessed I was by receiving them and wanted to do the same for her.”
Perhaps you’ve always wanted to volunteer for something at Coyote Hill, but don’t feel comfortable working with children. This could be your niche! We hope you’ll consider visiting the above link or purchasing the cookbook, and then seeing how you may feel led to bless others with the magical gift of freezer meals. If you’d like to provide that blessing to one or more of our busy Coyote Hill families, please visit our Volunteer page.