The Coyote Hill 300

Help support the fatherless by becoming 1 of 300 individuals committed to caring for foster children in mid-Missouri. In the heart of every person is a desire to protect the innocent child. You can do that by banding with the 300. 

Stand up and fight for children who need you. Give $1,000 individually or with a group to become one of the 300. Or show the Warrior in your life how much they mean to you. Give a 300 Club gift in their honor.

Why The Coyote Hill 300? 

$1,000 = 1 safe summer for every child at Coyote Hill

Members will receive:

  • personal success stories sharing the impact of their gift.
  • invitation to the annual Hog Roast in the fall
  • invitation to the end of school party with the kids at Coyote Hill

Two ways to give a 300 Club gift:

  1. Mail your check, made out to Coyote Hill, for $1,000 – with a note saying you’re joining the Coyote Hill 300. If donating in honor or memory of someone, tell us their name (and contact info if appropriate.) 
  2. Go to our DONATE page. In the “Notes” section, simply type “Coyote Hill 300” so we’ll know you are wanting to join. If you are giving in honor of a special person, select “I would like to dedicate this donation.” There you will find places to fill in the name of the person you are donating in honor/memory of, and also space to fill out their name and address if you want us to send them an acknowledgement. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Kelly if you have any questions. THANK YOU!