Petersheim Home Framing Day

On Saturday, August 26, dozens of volunteers gave of their time and talents to help us in the construction of another home for children.

Constructing a home is no small task, yet it’s so symbolic of the work we do at Coyote Hill. Much time must be spent creating a strong foundation before anything can move forward. Many days, no one can visibly see results for all of the hours spent working. Yet piece by piece, moment by moment, changes are happening.

On days like our framing day – progress is evident and so encouraging! Such tangible support from our community validates and energizes us for the work of building not only homes…but young lives.

Our founder, Executive Director and now general contractor during the construction process, Larry McDaniel, concluded, “One of the most valuable resources we have is time. That makes it even more special when very busy people give of their time, on a Saturday, to help build a home for children. Through the years there will be hundreds of children who will live within these walls and walk on these floors, knowing it as ‘a safe place to be a child.’ Thanks to those who came out to be a part of that.”

Enjoy a few photo highlights of the day:

Also, local news sources did stories on the day, including this story by KOMU. (Please note – the young lady’s name quoted in the article should be Amythyst Heberlein. She is the daughter of Home Parents of The Wright Home, Andrew and Merri Heberlein.)