Her First Job

One young lady in The Wright Home was recently hired for her very first job! The process began weeks ago, as some former and current staff began working with Traci*, teaching her important facts about being a dependable employee. They also performed several practice job interviews with her.

By the time Traci’s real job interview happened, she was nervous, but ready. “Yes, it was scary, but I felt like they just asked me normal job interview kind of questions that I was used to.” The process required two different interviews for Traci, but she said the second one didn’t even feel like an interview.
She’s only just started the new job, so doesn’t have a lot to say about her favorite aspects of it. But she is planning to keep working throughout the school year. “I’d like to work every day after school, but I think I’ll mostly just be working on weekends.”Traci doesn’t have her driver’s license yet, but she does have her permit and is working towards getting her license soon. She’s also now went through the process of setting up her first checking account and automatic deposits from her place of employment. New and important independent living skills for any teenager to learn while preparing for life after high school.
Traci’s Home Parent Mom, Merri Heberlein, states, “Traci needed specific clothing that she was supposed to provide for herself in order to take this job: non-slip safety shoes, jeans and red polos. I’m not sure how some people afford to begin a minimum wage job, as Traci’s new clothing added up to almost $130! But I’m so thankful she had Coyote Hill to back her up and provide that for her so she was equipped to start working.”
Development Director Kelly Myers concludes, regarding the donated funds for the work clothes, “God has used a community of people to provide Traci with the much needed items for work. If it weren’t for our donors, getting her first job would not have been possible for Traci!”
*name changed for sake of confidentiality