A Word From a Volunteer

If you’ve never experienced our ministry first-hand, a recent note from a volunteer might help you grasp the importance of the work being done by our staff and Home Parents:

 I truly admire the work that is done at Coyote Hill, and I see the Lord bless that hard work again and again. I don’t know if a “thank you” has ever meant as much to me as those I receive from the Home Parents at Coyote Hill each and every time I leave. I have loved watching the staff members of Coyote Hill fight for these kids. Your determination to provide a safe and loving environment is truly inspirational. I will never forget the image of Home Parents fighting for these vulnerable children. I aspire to bring the same determination to my future career in child welfare.

As we conclude our 25th year of “fighting for kids, determined to provide a safe and loving environment,” we hope you know how much we appreciate and value the support you give. It empowers us to rescue and restore. THANK YOU!