Jordan is Our Queen and Hero

Jordan serves in the Atherton Home, where 8 foster children call home. We have many volunteers but few as rare as Jordan. For that reason, she has been deemed, “Queen of the Volunteers.” Literally, our Home Parents and children have given her that name. She stands out from others by her actions. She is infectious, yet humble. You never have to direct Jordan to volunteer tasks, because she takes initiative.  Whether it’s staying an extra two hours because the help is needed, or making dinner for a family of 10+; she joyfully and wholeheartedly steps up to the task. Not only do we love Jordan, but it’s apparent she loves our kids and being a part of the Coyote Hill Family. For her birthday this last year, she invited the entire Atherton Home to celebrate. Instead of requesting personal birthday gifts, she asked her family and friends to purchase gifts specific to the desires of the children. Jordan is constantly thinking of the kids before herself.

Jordan and Elise

Jordan Cochran and Elyse Wallace

The Columbia Daily Tribune HERO Awards, honor people who spend their days, nights, and weekends giving their time. On Monday, April 11th they honored these volunteers at the annual awards ceremony. The packed banquet hall at Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center was a testament to the nearly 50 nominees and their nominators’ commitment to celebrating service in our community.

Jordan Cochran was awarded the 2016 Youth Volunteer of the Year.
Jordan received a beautiful plaque and certificate. Coyote Hill will receive a $400 donation, because of Jordan’s exemplary service.

We asked Jordan about why she volunteers. Her response is a glimpse into the mind and heart of a young adult dedicated to serving others.

I continue to volunteer at Coyote Hill for one simple reason: the children. The children that I have had the privilege of getting to know have became a huge part of my life.  They have taught me how to be more like Christ, have shown me how to love deeper and have even influenced my future career and family plans.  They’ve also shown me characteristics of myself that I never knew I had such as patience and commitment. A year and a half ago when I started this journey, I came to serve and influence the lives of many wonderful children, but I was and am continuously surprised at how much Coyote Hill has impacted me.

Jordan also shared a story about introducing her “Coyote Hill Family” to her family and friends at her birthday party.

Some of my family and friends have never understood why I spend so much time at Coyote Hill, or why Coyote Hill is such a special place to me.  This all changed when my uncle talked to a 12 year old boy in the Atherton home, who’s life has been changed at Coyote Hill.  When the family of the Atherton home left my house, many of my family and friends were teary-eyed and emotional.  A few months later, my uncle’s work ended up doing a Christmas drive for Coyote Hill.  Their customers and employees donated several things, such as Christmas toys and household necessities.  Now, many more people know what an amazing and important experience it is to be involved at a place like the Hill.

Thankful doesn’t seem to fully cover the gratitude we feel for Jordan and the countless hours she has served at Coyote Hill. Maybe we’ll just say, “Jordan, you are special to us. You are our queen.”