Blast from the Past – A Historical Meeting in 1994

As most of you know, Mark & Laurene Zimmer donated the property on which Coyote Hill now sits, as well as funding to build our second home, The Zimmer Home. Larry tells about that life-changing day when he first met the Zimmers in the spring of 1994.

“I had been told of Mark & Laurene’s interest in using their farm for a children’s ministry. When I looked up their names in the phone book, there were two numbers. One for their home in Columbia and the other for the little white house out here.  I didn’t know which one to try, and so dialed the number that went to the little white house. Even though they were rarely there, that day they were. They immediately invited me to come over.

“I remember sitting at the kitchen table inside the little house and then moving outside to a picnic table in the shade. We talked about our visions for the future regarding ministry to abused and neglected children, and discussed what that could look like going forward. Mark and I really connected and our visions for the future were very similar. He then took me on a ride all around the farm in an old army jeep. The property was beautiful, as it still is today.

“Mark and Laurene later came to visit us at the north property, where Coyote Hill all began. That visit went very well and the Zimmers asked us to submit a detailed plan of what Coyote Hill would do with the their property to serve children, if they chose to donate it to us. We put together that plan and our board met with Mark and Laurene to submit it. The first portion of the property was donated to build what would become Cathy’s Home, and the rest is history!”

Mark & Laurene visited recently and Mark shared this encouragement with our staff:

“People like me appreciate what you do. We NEED you to do what you do. I know how to make money, but you guys do stuff that I have no skill in. Stuff I couldn’t dream of doing. Thus, I use my gift to partner with you and help you do what you do. I have the least part. You are doing the greatest part.”