Christmas for Kids – God Provides

Our Event and Volunteer Coordinator, Liza Thompson, shares just one of the many ways God used individuals like you to provide a wonderful ‘Christmas for Kids’ again this year:

It was getting close to the deadline of collecting all of the gifts. I was nervous, because there were a few big, more expensive gifts that had not been purchased for the kids. The items had been sent out on a few wish lists, but I hadn’t heard back from anyone saying they would purchase them. As I was headed to our gift drop-off location, I received a call from a lady. She told me her name and explained that she would be there in about 30 minutes with some Christmas gifts.

As I hung up, I thought to myself, “I’m not sure I remember talking with her about Christmas gifts.” I checked back through emails and confirmed that I never sent her a wish list. She arrived in a big truck (that seemed like Santa’s sleigh) and hopped out, smiling. She joyfully handed me four large boxes. After introducing myself and figuring out how she knew about our Christmas for Kids campaign, I thanked her for participating.

I had no idea what the boxes contained. When I brought them inside to open them, I discovered ALL of the missing high dollar items. I sat back in my chair and cried. Even now, thinking back on it, it brings tears to me eyes! I was reminded in that moment that God provides. He loves our kids, and He cares deeply about this ministry. I know it’s not just about fulfilling the material desires of our kids, but it was a blast to provide them with a Christmas to remember!