You Were a Part of His Success in 2015

A few days ago, Brian and Mandy Wallace’s 5-year-old biological son said, “I am Andrew’s foster brother and he is my Wallace brother.”

When Andrew* arrived in January of 2015, his behavior was such that most wondered if we could keep him for more than a few weeks. Now, he’s not only become a brother to those in The Atherton Home, he’s turned into one of Coyote Hill’s biggest success stories of 2015.

Home Parent Brian Wallace explains, Before coming here, Andrew and his sibling had been in four different homes in one week’s time. That tells you a lot about his behavior. He often exhibited violence, so it was hard to keep him in school.

Many countless hours, long nights and early mornings have been poured into this young boy. During all of the yelling and tantrums, we calmly and continually reminded him that he was safe at Coyote Hill. We did a lot of one-on-one walks and outings to the porch! 

After some time…and more time…and God’s grace, his improvement is remarkable. He now stays in school! Recently, he’s started going to bed on his own without being asked. Yes, he still has mistakes or an occasional outburst, but he has come so far. 

For example, he went to a St. Louis Cardinals’ game and a Kansas City Chiefs’ game with us this fall. Amongst those large crowds and that strange setting, he behaved very well. In the past, any change of routine was extremely hard for him, but even staying overnight in a hotel didn’t phase him. He is overcoming and shining amongst the children!

I love him and I am so proud of how far he has come and how he is doing in our home.”

Our Therapist, Erica Healy, concludes, “Andrew has made huge progress. The consistency and routine in his home is one of the biggest reasons for his improvement. Also, realizing and knowing that all of his basic needs (sleep, food, shelter) will be met has gone a long way in helping him progress.”

Andrew’s story is just one of many. Each and every child that comes to us brings along issues from past hurts that need addressed. Because of your continued support, we are able to consistently provide the stability, love and nurturing that they so desparately need. Thank you!

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*name changed for sake of confidentiality