Equipped for Giving

Saturday, December 5th, Woodlandville United Methodist Church provided a unique Christmas opportunity for our children. Yes, traditional Christmas punch and treats were a part of the celebration, but it was much more than that.

They called it a “Christmas Shopping Spree” – and it certainly was! There were tables full of all kinds of toys, candy, home goods, etc. so our children could go Christmas “shopping.” Upon arrival, each child received $25 in Monopoly money to spend. They were encouraged to use this as an opportunity to buy gifts for their family or friends. After they made their purchases, they could head to a wrapping station where they could also wrap their purchases. Finally, they also had the opportunity to have their picture taken in a Christmas photo booth.

Our Volunteer and Event Coordinator, Liza Thompson, helped out during the shopping spree. After helping one of our boys wrap a stack of Hershey bars that he had purchased for his sister, he looked concerned and asked her, “Do you think my candy bars will expire before Christmas?”

While helping another young boy wrap his purchases, she asked who he was going to give the Legos to.

He quickly replied, “Those are for [name of foster brother] because I broke his Legos.”

Liza concludes, “It was so awesome to see the kids think outside themselves and think so hard about what gifts to buy for their loved ones. We are grateful for this fun idea Woodlandville has provided for our kids two years in a row!”