A Transformed Life

A young lady in The Zimmer Home was baptized recently at her church by her Home Parents, Al and Rachel Howell. Her life is being dramatically changed by Christ’s love, and the love, acceptance and direction of her Coyote Hill family. Home Parent Rachel Howell explains:

*name changed for sake of confidentiality

“Karissa* is the reason we believe in Coyote Hill.  We work with and love on all sorts of kids, and many times it’s difficult to see fruit.  With Karissa, the fruit is becoming very evident.  She has chosen to take control of her life (or rather, give control to God) instead of letting anger take control of her. 

When Karissa arrived at Coyote Hill, she was very angry.  She would take that anger out on everyone, and had difficulty accepting responsibility. She often lashed out verbally and physically.

However, through different people and circumstances, Karissa decided to turn her life over to Christ last year. It’s a process, but she’s definitely learning and growing!  We began seeing a dramatic difference in her behavior over the summer.  She began accepting responsibility and accepting redirection without needing to have the last word.  She recognizes that following Christ is a work in progress, yet she doesn’t use that as an excuse when she does make mistakes.  She picks herself back up, moves forward, and learns from it.  

Karissa’s drive to succeed and her work ethic are mind blowing!  She went to a youth retreat recently where sleep was minimal.  When she got home, she spent time visiting with everyone in our home and giving away most of the snacks and treats which she received at the retreat. She then chose to study for an hour before finally crashing.

I could write words upon words to try and express why I’m proud of Karissa. She will go places and do things with her life because she’s learning what it means to trust, to surrender, to love.  It’s humbling to know that God chose Al and I to be a part of her transformation into the amazing young woman that she is and continues to become.”

Transforming lives…taking the broken and hurting and helping them to heal. That is what your support allows us to do!