Loving and Letting Go

Each year, Coyote Hill serves 50 or more children. Our homes provide long term stability for children and sibling groups until children can find permanent placements, either through reunification with their biological parents or adoption.

Reunification is the ideal goal if it is possible. Sometimes it might take years, but it is always worth it. This past Christmas, we had two sisters who were able to return home after being in foster care with us since 2011.

When the children arrived they were scared and unsure of us. Behaviors were unusual. Many days brought tears, and stretched Home Parents to their limits. It was a long journey, but Home Parents and staff continually worked towards the day the girls could return home.

Home Parent Mom in The Wright Home, Merri Heberlein, explains, “Watching them grow in strength, beauty, grace, and spiritual understanding is what has made the journey amazing and worth the hard days. Watching the girls smile and giggle, sharing the experience with them as they each chose Jesus as Lord and Savior, and snuggling them close at night as we prayed for their parent are among some of the sweetest memories. We had family vacations, did school projects, and worked hard as they triumphed over difficult gymnastics moves. And now the greatest part of the story is that they are reunified with their parent. We are so thankful that we were able to support this family as they worked towards making reunification a reality. 

These girls received their Christmas wish! Their Coyote Hill family hugged them, shed tears, prayed with them, and sent them home just in time for Christmas. God has truly blessed us all. Watching the process along the way wasn’t easy, but most of the growth happened on those bumpy, hard days, and it’s been a beautiful thing. We are blessed for having gone through the experience of watching this family grow in faith, trust, and forgiveness…and letting them go.”

Thank you for providing this safe place. Being at Coyote Hill allowed them to be protected and provided for while they and their parent grew. Their lives are truly changed forever.