Home Parents Provide Continued Support

Summer is a great time for former residents to come back and visit. Our Home Parents love these visits, as it demonstrates that the child continues to seek the love and acceptance he received while at Coyote Hill.

*name changed for sake of confidentiality

One such visit happened shortly after school was out. Chad* was able to return to The Zimmer Home for a few days. Chad has been living with a family member for a few months now, but was so excited to come back for a visit. Chad accepted Christ last fall while at the Zimmer Home, and while visiting he reminded Charlie that he never had the chance to get baptized. Charlie talked to him a lot about that, did some planning, and was able to baptize Chad that Sunday at church! It was a great testimony to the current children in the home, to see that no matter where they go in life, they’ll continue to be loved and supported by those who cared for them during their time at Coyote Hill.

Another encouraging visit occurred when the Smith* family joined Michael and Kayla Kauffman and kids at The Wright Home for dinner. The Kauffmans had grown very close to the Smith’s children while they lived in the home several months ago, so they were so excited to have the whole family for a visit. The Smiths have been attending church with The Wright Home, and the parents are always excited to give Michael and Kayla great reports when their kids do well. It’s been exciting to see the family growing closer to each other and to Christ!

Thanks for everything you, our Coyote Hill family of supporters, do to support our ministry to children…the results continue even after they leave our homes.