It’s Not Just About Hunting

For those who agree with the teaching of Disney’s movie “Bambi” about hunters, you may want to skip this post. But then again, if you appreciate the bond of a father teaching his boy a new life skill and the satisfaction of working hard and succeeding in providing food for the family…keep reading!

We gained a 12-year-old boy in the Zimmer Home in September. Dad Charlie Marshman has been working hard at developing a bond with Curt*, like our Home Parents do with all of our children.

“We wanted to try hunting together,” Charlie explains. “Opening morning of deer season, we went out with our pastor. Curt and I didn’t get anything, but our pastor did. We were able to help him through the entire process of field dressing, skinning, processing and getting the meat in the freezer. What a learning experience for Curt!”

*name changed for sake of confidentiality

Charlie’s wife, Jaimee, shares, Nearly every day during deer season, Curt and Charlie have been getting up early to go in the woods, and then back out to hunt again after school. They were having fun but hadn’t gotten to shoot at anything. They even went to another place in Columbia and saw, according to Curt, ‘the biggest buck I’ve ever seen!!’ Curt shot at it but said he was shaking so much that he missed.”

Jaimee concludes, “They decided to go out one more time on the Coyote Hill property before the season ended, even though they hadn’t seen anything out here. THREE doe walked right in front of them! Charlie let Curt take the shot – AND HE GOT IT!!! He was so excited, and they will be doing all of the work themselves to get the meat in the freezer. It’s been a great experience for them – doing all of this together.”

We are so thankful for our amazing Home Parents, our wonderful children – and our family of supporters that make life-time memories like this possible.