Girls’ Night

Before school started, Mom Kayla Kauffman from the Wright Home decided she wanted to treat all the young ladies in her home to a “Girls’ Night.” She got creative and figured out some things that they could do right there at home – including facials and manicures!

Kayla said, “The girls loved the oatmeal masks and painting each others nails, not only because they were able to stay up past their bedtimes, but because they were able to help each other. It was a great lesson in serving others!”

Perhaps the dog thought they enjoyed themselves a bit too much?!

Whether or not you want to include your canine friend, we wanted to include Kayla’s oatmeal mask instructions, so you would be inspired to try your own Girls’ Night with some special young ladies in your life!

Kayla says it’s very simple, “I just used 1 cup of oatmeal and half a cup of water. Stir until it becomes pasty.  I also added a tablespoon of honey to make it stick better. Some of the girls washed it off in the first 5 minutes, but the older ones waited 15-20 minutes. It was really messy, but totally worth it!