Anticipation is Making Me Wait

about-page-pics_r5_c4Anyone who knows anything about the history of Coyote Hill recognizes the names of Mark and Laurene Zimmer. Even new children that arrive at The Hill soon realize that Zimmer must be something or someone significant. After all, every time they come on the property they travel on Zimmer Lane, and our second home is named The Zimmer Home.

Thus, whenever Mark and Laurene come for a visit, our Home Parents excitedly announce to all the children that the Zimmers are coming! This happened last week, when the Zimmers brought some friends to The Hill for a visit and a tour. That in itself is not an unusual occurrence – but what happened to me as a result took me by surprise.

The very afternoon that the Zimmers were expected to arrive, I simply stepped into the arena to snap a few photos. Within moments, two young boys turned to me and asked enthusiastically, “Are you Mark Zimmer???”

Well, I must admit – I’d never been asked that question before. It took me a moment before I could reply…
“Do I LOOK like a ‘Mark’?!”

“Well, he is coming for a visit today you know!” and with that, they hurried back to their activity.

I forgave them for mistaking me for a man when I realized how awesome it was that they were SO excited about meeting the Zimmers. They were hoping that just about anybody who walked in would be their highly anticipated guest.

However, I’ve decided that the next time the Zimmers come for a visit, I’ll make sure I wear make-up and a dress before I go to work.
–Lori Kohl