Jesus and Marriage – A Child’s Perspective


Our Executive Director’s wife, Denise McDaniel, recently spent some time with Danny,* a young boy from The Zimmer Home. They had a very interesting discussion about Jesus’ marital status:

Danny: “Was Jesus married?”  
Denise: “No, He wasn’t.” 
Danny: “But why not? He was a grown-up man.”
Denise: “That is true. But remember, He was a man, for us. He came here as a man to show us who God is. But inside of his body – He was still God.”
(complete silence for several moments…)
Danny: “Of course. That makes sense. Cause if He had gotten married He would of had to tell His wife, ‘Bye. I have to go now. I will be busy for like 2,000 years.’  And THAT would have made her really mad.”
Don’t you just love the way young minds process their developing faith?
We do! Thanks for your support that allows us to be a part of changing lives, like Danny’s.
*name changed for sake of confidentiality