Courageous Parenting

An encouraging word from one of our staff members, Amy Kingery…

“Recently, I listened to a radio broadcast about parenting. One of the many points that stuck out to me was that sometimes parents have to love their kids enough to let them go and let them take chances.

It is so easy to want to protect and shield our kids from danger, whatever form it may take.  Here at Coyote Hill, that often looks like Home Parents who have a very hard time letting children leave to return to a parent, guardian or move on to an adoptive family. However, as the broadcast explained, we want our children to grow into strong men and women who can stand up for what is right. Hopefully, you as a parent (as well as our Home Parents) have laid a strong foundation ahead of time, allowing children to learn and grow and take small chances along the way. Throughout the parenting journey, parents have to maintain a visual picture of holding their children with open hands – realizing it is the Lord who is truly holding them. The radio host concluded (and I strongly agreed) that it takes courageous parents to raise courageous children.

Parenting is probably one of the toughest jobs God ever designed. But that is just it…God designed it! He gives us some words of wisdom throughout his Word like “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Sometimes I wish He’d written a detailed parenting manual, but then I am reminded that no matter how much teaching and preaching and time we put into our children, God will still be more active and in control of their lives than we could ever be!

When your parenting days seem long and tiring – just remember that your parenting years are short. Yes, you may get tired of carrying that toddler everywhere, or answering yet another homework question; but one day, you’ll answer her final algebra question or carry that little boy for the last time. Enjoy each moment while you can, and pray for the strength to courageously let your children go someday, in God’s timing.”