Thanksgiving Dinner

Holidays at The Hill sometimes find several of our children leaving to spend some time with their families. For instance, this year one of our teenagers was scheduled to spend Thanksgiving day with her biological family. However, she REALLY wanted to help her Home Parent Mom make Thanksgiving dinner…so they did all of their cooking on the day before.  Here’s what her mom had to say about the experience:

“Since she wouldn’t be with us on Thanksgiving day, we decided to make all our dishes the day before so she could help out.  We made sweet potato casserole, which she had never had before.  We also made a fruit jello salad, homemade apple pie and of course, green bean casserole! She was a big help. And since she didn’t get homemade apple pie with her family, we made sure to save her a piece of the pie she helped create.  
While we were cooking, my young daughter decided she needed to help ‘make something.’ My teen gave her a little baking soda and a few apple peels in a bowl.  I’m not really sure what that turned out to be…but the two of them had fun!”