Hello! How about a Hug?

I’ve been around Coyote Hill for years.  First as just a friend, then a volunteer, and now recently, as a part-time employee.  No matter my situation or position, no matter if it was during the formative years or if it was yesterday, there’s one thing that never fails to warm my heart at Coyote Hill.  A little five-letter word, “hello.”

Let me explain.  When I head over to The Hill, I know there will be an exuberant greeting waiting for me.  It happens time after time, and It often looks like this:

I drive up to one of the homes.  On a nice day, it occurs almost instantly as I step out of my car.  Otherwise, it happens the moment I walk in the front door.  Children swarm around and at least one of them grins (usually a bit toothlessly) and says, “Hello!  My name is __________!”  Then, little arms reach out to seal the welcome with a hug.

Last but not least, inquiring eyes eventually turn up to mine and say, “What’s your name?”

To them, knowing who I am is a minor detail – an after thought.  All that matters to them is what they DO know – they are in a safe place, a place where people come to love and care for them every moment of the day – and thus knowing specifically who I am isn’t first on their agenda.  They simply want to reach out, expect the best and welcome another loving and safe person into their world.

It matters not to me that I may have just told them my name a week ago.  I don’t care if I’m just person #10 they’ve greeted so warmly this week.  It doesn’t concern me if “greeting others” happens to be the current life skill their Home Parents are working on with them, and thus they are just practicing on me.  All that matters is that I am now very endeared to this child reaching out to me, and they have shown me how secure and safe they feel here by this uninhibited greeting.

In some ways, I hope you’ll feel that way about our blog.  I hope you’ll feel like, no matter how many readers are out there, that we’re reaching out to YOU, helping you experience the warm-fuzzies while having your heart-strings tugged a wee bit.  Mostly, I hope that you, individually, feel like you’re becoming a part of this wonderful “Place to Be a Child.

Thus, let me say “hello” and give you a virtual hug.  Oh, and by the way…what’s your name?