From One Mountaintop to Another

Two of Coyote Hill’s teenagers were blessed to attend separate, but equally fantastic Christian conferences this summer: Nationwide Youth Roundup (NYR) near Denver, Colorado and Desperation Youth Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each experience is seven days of God-centered fellowship, rededication and service. Both teenagers returned with new friends, fond memories, ignited passion, and a deeper commitment to follow Christ. Can hearts be changed in just one week? These two teens are living proof.

Teen #1: Desperation Youth Conference

“This summer, I went to camp in Colorado. Not only was it my first time going to Colorado, but it was also my first time ever going to camp. If I had to sum up my experience at camp in Colorado in one word, it would be LIFECHANGING! While in Colorado, we went to a Christian conference known as “Desperation.” We also went white water rafting, mountain climbing, and many other adventurous things. The mountains in Colorado were breathtaking and the weather was amazing, but the icing on the cake was the conference. From the very first day, I loved every minute of it. I held onto every word, as if the speakers were talking directly to me. I felt like God was speaking through them to get to me. It was inspiring. The worship was amazing – thousands of teens lifting up their hands to worship God. What more could you ask for? On top of that, I went with the best youth group ever with the best youth pastor ever! They all seemed to be there for me whenever I needed them. I did not know any of the people in the youth group on my way to Colorado, but it was a different story on my way back. I came back with new close friends and one that is more like a sister now! I am so thankful I had this opportunity to go to Desperation. It was an incredible life experience, and I can’t wait to go back next year!”

Teen #2: Nationwide Youth Roundup

“Day one of the trip we woke up at 4:30am and hit the road for Colorado around 6:30am. Around 8pm we arrived at the church we were spending a night at before we went to NYR. The next morning we cleaned up and then had a devotion in the book of Daniel, about sacrifice – it was really good. Then we started going up the mountain to NYR. It seemed to take forever but we finally made it. The first day at NYR we set up camp and explored.  The second day we had church at NYR – it was one of the best services I have ever heard. Each morning I woke up at 6:30 to get a shower – there was always a really big line for the shower, it was crazy!  We had really great breakfasts – bacon and eggs, etc. We would go to class during the day, mainly learning about being in the “red zone.” The red zone is like telling people in your school that God is all powerful and how you can do all things through Christ. We also had devotions in the book of Ezra.

One of the things that I learned at NYR was that death has been conquered and you can do all things through Christ. Another one of the things that I learned was that we all need to trust God – were ever I go now and in the future, I know that God wants me to be in that place. One last thing…130 people got saved during that week at NYR!”

Thanks for your faithful support that allows our youth to experience such life-changing events!