Baskets of Joy

A few days before Easter, I had the privilege to attend a meeting. Typically, meetings aren’t very exciting and aren’t often referred to as a privilege. But this particular meeting was something special. I got to watch as ladies arrived with bags of toys, candy, and Easter eggs. Each one quickly picked up a basket, ribbon, colorful grass and got to work. They had a mission. They had Easter baskets to fill. And not just a few, but 32!

Who are these ladies you ask? They are the women of King’s Daughters, Donna Crockett Circle. For the last 8 years, these women have come together every spring to sponsor every child at Coyote Hill with an Easter basket full of goodies. An event once started by Donna Crockett, now continues in her memory. It is one of the group’s favorite traditions.

It should be noted that these are not your typical Easter baskets. These are gorgeous, one-of-a-kind creations full of all things each child loves. I got to watch as each lady took great care to make sure each basket was perfectly filled; only the best for our kids. And whether they knew it or not, they were providing more than candy & toys for kids this Easter. They were providing baskets of joy.

Joy for a child who came from a joyless home is something to celebrate. A basket full of goodies just for them is truly a treasure. Too often our children come to us with little or no personal items. No teddy bear; no favorite pair of tennis shoes; nothing to call their own. Coyote Hill changes that. These ladies of King’s Daughters, Donna Crockett Circle change that.

That is why we know they do more than provide a “knock-out” Easter basket. They bring joy.