A Cougar Encounter of the Basketball Kind

Chuck Crews of Cost Cutters and Columbia College once again invited Coyote Hill to a Cougar basketball game. This time we attended both the men and women’s games. During half time of the men’s game, Coyote Hill was recognized and thanked for attending with the gift of an autographed ball.  Also, Cosmo (from “Cosmo & JC in the Morning” on Y107) was on sight to host the half time games. One game consisted of a race.  Two boys raced down the court to see who could make the 1st basket.  The second was a bowling toss, where three children each got one turn to knock down the bowling pins.

Once again, we had a lot of fun!  We’d like to thank Chuck Crews and his family, Cost Cutters, and Columbia College for inviting us back year after year, for this evening of college basketball fun.

Enjoy a few pictures from our fun-filled evening…