A Blizzard? A Good Reason to Celebrate!

The month of February came storming in, as a blizzard warning was issued for our region…an all-time first in Coyote Hill’s 20 year history.  As people all over mid-Missouri were panicking and clearing the store shelves of basic necessities, our Home Parents were preparing in another fashion.

Sure – they were preparing physically like everyone else.  However, they were also considering the emotional well-being of our children.  They wanted to do something to turn a potentially frightening situation into a fun and memorable experience instead.

Why not have a party?  All of the Home Parent moms agreed to collaborate on supper, so all the homes could share their evening meal together.  Amy made matzo ball soup, Jo made turkey pot pie, and Christine made almost every child’s favorite treat – chocolate chip cookies.  After a very fun and crowded meal together, they decided that an “Ice Age” movie marathon was in order, to help build the anticipation for lots of cold and snow!

Home Parent Dad Ben finished the celebration by staying up all night with our teen boys, so they could enjoy plenty of video game madness.

Home Parent Dad Lorenzo declared it, “A FANTASTIC day!”  (How many people can say that about an upcoming blizzard?)  When the storm struck, our children were not only snug, warm and well-provided for…they were convinced that blizzards are just another great reason to celebrate life at The Hill!

View a few photos from our huge snowstorm, and visit again soon, as we’ll try to add more pictures over the next few days: