Hey – It’s Time to Bale Hay!

Whenever someone says the words, “Hey – I need some help,” it’s nice to have someone stop what they’re doing and lend a hand.  Here at Coyote Hill, when someone says, “Hey – it’s time to bale hay,” it’s not uncommon for about 20 pairs of hands to pitch in!

That is what happened recently, in spite of a last minute change of plans. Everyone had prepared to show up on Thursday morning to spend the day baling hay, but a last minute rainfall postponed it until Friday. However, late on Thursday afternoon someone decided conditions were right and the time was now. Everyone, including four young men from Columbia working to earn support for their mission trip to Ecuador, dropped their plans for the evening and spent time in a hay field instead. Close to 1,000 hay bales were loaded, unloaded and stacked safe & dry in the barn that evening. It meant working until about 11:30 PM by headlights, but all ages stuck it out and saw the project through to completion. It was hot and tiring work – but the load was lightened as everyone “pitched in” and worked hard – from the little ones on up.

Thanks to our Coyote Hill family…“Many hands make light work.” –John Heywood