Bringing Play back into the Lives of Children

I ran across an article about how children today have lost that invaluable “play time” that I know I treasured as a child.  Busy schedules and efforts to make a child the next Einstein have taken over the familiar words of mom, “just go outside and play.”  But apparently, our mothers had the right idea all along.  The classic playing outside time is not wasteful, but rather quite a learning experience:

“It is clear that young children who explore, investigate, and experiment through play build strong foundations in every important area of development, including intelligence, language, social competence and emotional security.”

I thank God everyday that our children at Coyote Hill get this treasured play time.  Just yesterday, I watched 2 kindergarten boys run around a sprinkler for hours then head to the sandbox to dig!  This morning, I called the Hubbell Home and found a House Mom and her 3 daughters engaged in a water fight.  That simple joy of play wasn’t possible in our children’s lives before coming to Coyote Hill.

I challenge you to take advice from this article or the example shown in our homes…take a morning, afternoon, or full day…and just play.