Frogs, Flowers and New Friends

On any given weekend you will undoubtedly find a group of volunteers serving at Coyote Hill. Even though each and every group varies in age, background, interests, and abilities, they all seem to share one common bond – they love spending time with our children.

One recent group of high school students was no exception. A few of the journalism students from Heritage Academy in Columbia came to weed, transplant, landscape and plant flowers. They quickly progressed from allowing children to work right along with them; to playing with and carrying not only the children, but also their toads and millipedes. (It’s “only a caterpillar” one young child insisted as he handed it to a young lady!) It was humorous to watch as one particular journalism student gradually progressed from letting a young boy wear his jacket – to letting the boy put a toad in his jacket pocket – to giving the boy spinning piggyback rides.

This is often the case with our volunteer groups; it doesn’t take long before a child, or several children, have warmed up to the workers to the point that they’ve quickly warmed themselves right into someone’s heart.

We love all of our volunteers; all of their work is a tremendous blessing to us. In return, it is wonderful for us to witness these volunteers coming to Coyote Hill and quickly learning to love and appreciate our children. But be forewarned — if you ever come to work at The Hill, it may mean that a child will expect to be spun around on your shoulders to the point that you’re wondering which way is up.

And if they really like you and learn to trust you?  They may just laugh and dump a frog in your pocket when you least expect it.