Good-bye, Robert

Robert, a young man placed in our care a few years ago, graduated high school in May. This month, as Robert is moving on to the next phase of his life and a new home, we wanted to take a moment to honor him. His home parent dad, Ben Johnson, had this to say about Robert’s transition:

“(After visiting the home where he would be moving to) Robert did not want to leave, and the staff there loved him as well. The decision was made and now the time has come for Robert to move on. He is very excited, but also sad to be going. We, as his foster parents, will miss Robert greatly. Robert is a servant at heart and he will always be welcome to come back here to visit. Robert has many friends in the Columbia area. Richard Iles and Parkade Baptist church love Robert and want to help him in the future with any needs he may have, as well as Chuck Crews from Cost Cutters. Chuck bought Robert fishing gear for graduation and took Robert fishing one day. They have a great relationship. We wish Robert the best of luck and urge him to remember to keep Christ first in everything he does. We love you Robert and will be praying for you!”

With Love, Dad (Ben) and Mom (Christine)