Trust in Time

dscn0120-2In riding a horse, we borrow freedom. — Helen Thompson

This past week a few children learned the
value of trust in a relationship. Before a horse can be ridden, each kid knows that they must clean the horse’s shoes. For our older horses, this is a simple routine that takes a short amount of time. But for Eli, our youngest horse, this was not a simple task. He was not comfortable with anyone lifting his legs to clean his shoes. After struggling for quite some time, they were eventually able to get Eli to trust that they were not going to hurt him. The same can be said for children when they first begin to ride. Many are afraid, or nervous that they could be bucked off, or unable to control their horse. Through time, the children and horses get better acquainted, and soon they are off to trot on the trails! As they say, wisdom comes with age; and trust comes with time.