Lessons from a 5 year old

With the cool breeze and bright sun, came another classic tradition to the Hill. The hay was ready, so the kids loaded up on the trucks and headed out to the field. It was an afternoon full of hard work, water and popsicles. The teenagers took the brunt of the work, stacking bales until they couldn’t throw them any higher. The younger kids provided their own unique part to the day. They were the designated cheerleaders; marveling at the strength of the boys and the determination of the girls. For the first-timers, they simply look at the field in awe. They couldn’t believe that such a huge task could be completed in one day. As the hay bales continued to rise on the trailer, a few of the younger boys gathered in the truck. Here is part of a discussion that began in that truck, after the discovery of a green spider:

“Where is God?” questioned the five year old.
“God is wherever you want him to be,” replied the 13 year old.
“I want God to be by the spider!” exclaimed the 8 year old.
“I want God to be right beside me,” stated the 5 year old.

At only the age of 5, it was clear that this boy did not fully understand the “aww” factor in his statement. But what joy it truly brings when the faith of a child is expressed even unknowingly.

A lot can be learned from baling hay. The testing of strength, will-power, and teamwork are obvious. Listening to a conversation of just how big God is, and when his birthday is, and where he is; these are hidden treasures that you don’t expect. Coyote Hill is just proud to provide the truck … and A Place to Be a Child.

Baling Hay Photos