Coyote Hill – Main Office

9501 W. Coyote Hill Rd. | PO Box 1 | Harrisburg, MO 65256
(573) 874-0179 |

Executive Director

Larry McDaniel, MSW, LCSW

Site Director

Bill Atherton, MSW, LCSW

Program Director

Amy Kingery

Development Director

Kelly Myers

Communications Director

Lori Kohl

Development Coordinator

Taylor Largent

Marketing/PR Director

Kari Hopkins


Kim Lanes

Property Manager/Vocational Skills Instructor

Sam Coy


Therapist/Case Manager

Rachel Howell, MSW, LCSW

Therapist/Case Manager

Clara Filbert, M.Ed., PLPC

Case Manager

Paige Brokaw

Equine Program & Barn Manager

Rebecca Buchholz


Board of Directors


Clint Miller, Chairman

Shelter Insurance Company

Cindy Mutrux, Vice Chairman

Mutrux Automotive, LLC

Pete Cummings

Butler Supply

Wayne Walker

Walker-Winter Insurance

David E. Hockman, M.D.

Columbia Orthopaedic Group

Lorenzo Scott

Columbia Public Schools
Former Home Parent

John Glennon


Calvin Temple

Missouri National Guard
Former Resident

Cathy’s Home –
Education & Resource Center

P.O. Box 1
9501 Coyote Hill Road
Harrisburg MO 65256
Main: (573) 874-0179

Zimmer Home

Cody & Amanda Cox
9525 Coyote Hill Road
Harrisburg, MO 65256
(573) 256-2224

Hubbell Home

Josh & Brittany McCaskey
9535 Coyote Hill Road
Harrisburg, MO 65256
(573) 449-5300

Relief Home Parents

Aaron & Mary Vassar

Wright Home

Andrew & Merri Heberlein
9545 Coyote Hill Road
Harrisburg, MO 65256
(573) 442-9519

Atherton Home

Brian & Mandy Wallace
9555 Coyote Hill Road
Harrisburg, MO 65256
(573) 442-6346

Petersheim Home

9515 Coyote Hill Road
Harrisburg, MO 65256
Opening this fall!

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