Enjoy video highlights and links to success stories of a few of our former residents.
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Finding Purpose | Calvin’s Story from Coyote Hill on Vimeo.

“To tell the story of how the non-profit changes people’s lives, we decided to take a cinematic look at the journey of Calvin, one of Coyote Hill’s first foster children. The result was a poignant three-minute video that felt more like short film rather than a testimonial.”
Cosmic Sauce, Video Creators.

The Choice – A Coyote Hill Story from Coyote Hill on Vimeo.

The film follows a mother & son who overcome great adversity to find happiness. To bring this story to life, we worked with Cosmic Sauce and some very talented local actors. It is a poignant story about the power of love.

A Life Changed | Valerie’s Story from Coyote Hill on Vimeo.

Another video by Cosmic Sauce, about Valerie’s journey from homelessness to Coyote Hill and how her life was changed because of it. Become a Parent Partner. Donate to change a life.

Michael’s journey to Coyote Hill was not easy. It took courage. It required him to be brave as a young child. Watch Michael’s journey from foster care to foster parent. Video by Cosmic Sauce.


tiffany photo by keith borgmeyer | coyotehill.org Katie Perry Harris of COMO Living Magazine wrote a wonderful story about the transformation of one of our former residents, Tiffany Lester. Read excerpts HERE, and view a few photos taken when Tiffany lived at Coyote Hill.
(photo credit: Keith Borgmeyer)

from foster care to foster parent | coyotehill.orgFormer resident Michael Lorimor states, “I want to share my story of how Coyote Hill has impacted my life. I think it’s important to know the difference you make when supporting Coyote Hill.”
Finding Family | coyotehill.orgJahrona Banks is a young man who spent several years at Coyote Hill. Read his success story, and how it eventually helped him become reunited with some long-lost family members.

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