Reversing Roles in Overton

Equine Specialist Rebecca Buchholz explains what spring break week looked like for the kids and some willing victims in Overton Arena:

“A Spring Break tradition at Overton Arena is the reverse role riding days. Instead of the typical 2 1/2 hour therapy and riding session for the children, the children become the instructors. Brave, willing volunteers and staff come and allow a child to give them a horsemanship lesson. 

“This is one of the most educational things the kids can do. Not only do they learn about the work involved in implementing a lesson, but for this rare moment in time, they’re allowed to teach an adult, instead of being the one who is taught. It also shows them various areas they need to work on, and areas that they excel in. (I didn’t know I had so many natural born teachers at my barn!) This is also a great learning experience for the staff. I, as an instructor, was able to see what information the kids are retaining, as well as their perception of my teaching. The staff members also got to see for themselves what happens at Overton Arena and the therapeutic value of our horses. 

“To top it all off, one of the best ways to gain long term memory retention of any skill or experience is by teaching it. This was a winning activity all around!”

~~ Rebecca Buchholz