Road Trip!

Summertime and family vacations seem to go hand-in-hand. Thus, as a part of providing that “Safe Place to Be a Child,” we love to grant our youth and children the opportunity to create those traditional, summer-time memories. Those memories will undoubtedly be carried with them for a lifetime. Recently, Tim and Kristi Hughes and their
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Rainy Days and Mondays DON’T Get Us Down

One of our Home Parent Moms, Kayla Kauffman, shares what The Wright Home found to do on a recent rainy Monday in June: Our mornings usually consist of swinging on the swing set, playing kickball or the favorite from our home – SWIMMING. However, the other day we had one of our first rainy days
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Home Parents Provide Hope

Home Parent Dad Timothy Hughes from the Hubbell Home gives a quick synopsis of foster parenting at Coyote Hill. We think you’ll really appreciate this glimpse into one of our Coyote Hill families:
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Your Generosity Can Make a Difference in the Life of a Child.